Communication, Beliefs and Role of Government.


How We Work

How we will communicate

It is our intention to work with the Village of Long Grove through its board meetings, as well other local associations and their scheduled meetings, to ensure the Downtown Residents as well as other Long Grove Resident initiatives are discussed and considered as part of the larger planning efforts of Long Grove.

The role of the citizen

Citizens have a very important role in the health and spirit of a community. Their active participation in the process is the best way to ensure that the quality of life desired is fulfilled. Citizen involvement can range from voting on a regular basis to being elected to serve in a public capacity. Both examples are equally as important to the process. Citizens also contribute greatly when they participate in or organize neighborhood projects or activities. Their involvement is crucial to improving the quality of life in their neighborhoods and the city. The Declaration on the following page describes the roles that residents have adopted in many communities.

our beliefs in the role of local government

The preservation and maintenance of an area’s quality of life is a shared responsibility. Local Government is responsible for ensuring that the common good is protected and public services are carried out in an orderly and efficient manner. The Village Hall should provide the link between citizens and government. Neighborhood groups should be notified by Village Officials when they will be affected by planning efforts, events or other actions that will affect the livability of a neighborhood.


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Agenda Items for 2018 & 2019


2018 & 2019 Agenda of Topics

While we have specific agenda items listed below, these are not final or representative of all of the issues surrounding residents. It is the goal of the group to act as an efficient bridge between the Village and Residents to further define issues that are important to all residents of Long Grove, not just those close to downtown.

1. Working with the Village of Long Grove and the HDLGBA to change or enact new ordinances as needed to protect the well-being of residents.

2. Old McHenry Road Construction - We intent to post updates in our Current Topics section outlining the status of road construction, as updates are available through the village website and other channels of communication.

3. Historic Bridge reconstruction - We intend to post updates in our Current Topics section outlining the most important updates regarding the reconstruction and repair of the historic covered bridge.

4. 2019 and beyond festival permits (Chocolate, Strawberry, Apple) with 11 p.m. end time and noise nuisance issues as well as debris (trash), traffic, and parking management issues. We would like to begin a discussion around whether the late night festivals are beneficial to residents, and businesses and be a part of the discussion as these festivals evolve and change for future years.

5. Local business outdoor private events, lasting after 6 p.m. that may present hardships to local residents.

6. Additional Festivals added to the schedule, including Craft Beer Festival and other festivals that have been added to the schedule beginning in 2017 and have persisted in 2018.

7. Working with the Village of Long Grove Elected Board to establish new “mailbox” notices to Downtown Residents for Outdoor Entertainment permits, festival permits, event permits, and any and all other matters affecting the well-being of downtown residents within a certain distance of those venues.


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