Old Route 53 Road Construction Begins (Old Long Grove Rd. to Mardan Dr.

For those of you who live or commute in an around Old Route 53, from Lake Cook, all the way to 83, you know there has been a lot of activity on that stretch of road. Several developments, including Arboria at one end, and Harbor Chase at the other, have helped to develop the road further.

A new project has begun, between Old Long Grove Rd. and Mardan Drive, to widen and create a paved shoulder as well as turn lanes onto several roads. These will hopefully be huge safety and traffic flow improvements. We have included a link here with all the updates, the road elevation and drawings, as well as other details.

For those of you who have travelled the road in the past few days, you now know that it is down to one lane, with flaggers attending to traffic between Old Long Grove Rd. and Mardan Drive. This construction development, compiled with the historic bridge being closed has begun to completely wreak havoc on residents east of the new 53 construction, especially those on Robert Parker Coffin. At times it is impossible to make left turns onto Old Route 53 to go east, and so you are forced to turn right and go west. This headache is now further exacerbated by traveling straight into a one way road during the construction.

Soon Old McHenry road between Old Route 53 and Kildeer Countryside will also be closed in one direction as the 1st part of that project gets underway (2-3 months late). Needless to say residents should plan their commute routes accordingly. Residents are encouraged to call the village with questions or visit the website; Tel 847.634.9440 | Fax 847.634.9408 |www.longgroveil.gov

The timeline for the Old Route 53 work is not clear at this time. We will post updates as we get them.


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