Low Clearance Bars Idea

We have unofficially proposed Low Clearance Bars for the East and Westbound traffic lanes of Robert parker Coffin. Attached are basic sketches of how this would work. This would require the cooperation of several businesses on the East side of the bridge, and of the Long Grove Community Church on the West side of the bridge. 

We believe these roadway obstructions can be installed with the aesthetic taste required by our businesses and residents, as well as the architectural codes of the historic district.

Also attached is a full length Atlas Moving Semi Tractor Trailer turning on our proposed Turn Around lane on the West side of the bridge. This picture was as recent as July 10th, when Bridge Closes signs were posted. Trucks still travel down the road, likely due to their navigation systems.

Site Overview

Westbound Lane Approach

Eastbound Lane Approach

Westbound Lane Approach by Real Atlas Moving Truck

Generic Sample of Installed Obstruction

Ben Finch