Stop Sign Violations & Speeding in Long Grove

We've submitted several concerns to Long Grove Village Hall throughout 2018 about Stop Sign Violations and Speeding here in Long Grove. The Village has said they would continue to notify Lake County, IL Government and Lake County IL Sheriff's Office regarding an enforcement program for at least two specific and high violation areas in Long Grove. So far, there has been no visible plan or enforcement, and we are running out of patience. One HOA on the south side of 53 went so far as to send a petition to Village Hall regarding their Stop sign issues.

Will there be enforcement with ticketing in 2019? We realize that the Sheriff's office has to spend a lot of time on accidents, and other matters, but safety throughout the village is at an all time low regarding pedestrian walk ways. We see villages around us like Village of Kildeer Police Department enforce the 25 mph on Old Long Grove road, and those programs work. Can we work together to bring those ideas to Long Grove?

Please stay tuned and follow this thread for updates.

Thank you,

Long Grove Residents Group

Ben FinchComment