Preserving the well-being of Long Grove residents



The Long Grove Downtown Residents Group (LGDRG) is designed to organize the approximated 60+ residents that live within or adjacent to the boundaries of Downtown Historic Long Grove on matters pertaining to the well-being of the residents.

While many of the issues discussed on this site pertain to those residents in and on the perimeter of Downtown Long Grove, we are also here to discuss to issues that affect all residents in Long Grove.

For years the elected Village Board of Long Grove as well as its Elected Members have worked with downtown businesses and other local business associations to establish various festivals, community events, and to establish policies that have been advantageous to the small businesses in downtown.

The Downtown Residents Group strives to gain the same relationship with the Village Board, the Long Grove Business and Community Partners, and to involve the residents in decisions that may impact the well-being of Downtown Residents as well as residents throughout the Village.


Why Are We Organizing?

Many neighborhoods become organized when a particular concern emerges in which they can rally around. Residents of the neighborhood will get together to discuss problems and come up with solutions. As an association or group, participants can work together to resolve the issue and use the many resources already available within their neighborhood.

To Empower residents

Power is the ability to act and with it comes a responsibility to the community. When neighborhoods organize, they acquire power by joining together to accomplish something.

To build community

Organizing to build community means improving your neighborhood’s ability to act and organize the diverse skills of its residents. Residents want to become better neighbors by getting to know each other and helping each other out. Whether it is exchanging skills, such as cooking dinner for a neighbor one night

To preserve well-being

The residents of Downtown Long Grove have rights, just like any other business or resident of Long Grove; however with the development and expansion of Downtown Long Grove, our issues may be slightly different than other rural residents of the village. With the increase in “Entertainment Venues” among other entities; rights to quiet enjoyment, traffic management, private property concerns such as trash and debris (trash) from festivals, among many other things, require us to preserve our well-being as residential private property owners in Long Grove.


We come together as Long Grove residents working to preserve and improve our neighborhood.


Downtown Long Grove Neighborhood Declaration

We come together as Long Grove residents working to preserve and improve our neighborhood.

As neighborhood people... we have the right to self determination and empowerment; to be advised and consulted on public policies and initiatives and private initiatives affecting our neighborhoods; to have our neighborhood values, culture and history recognized and respected; and to have the authority and resources to establish neighborhood organizations that will work to steward expected change that honors tradition and stability.

As neighborhood people... we have the responsibility to advise government and others of neighborhood values, history and culture; to listen to the views of all residents; to help one another care for children, the aging and others in need; to promote self-sufficiency of our residents and economic and social development of the neighborhood; to participate neighbor to neighbor, business to business and neighbor to business in the spirit of cooperation; to guide our youth, to look out for the safety of our homes and streets, maintain our properties, and make proper use of public facilities; and to strive diligently to achieve liberty and justice for all.

As neighborhood people... we look to a variety of governments, voluntary organizations, businesses and philanthropy to meet neighborhood needs for personal, social and economic development; to be receptive to dialogue with all neighbors concerning issues relevant to the welfare of our community to fund neighborhood organizations and services, to respect neighborhood values, culture and history; and to be held accountable for how their actions affect our neighborhoods.

As neighborhood people... we will endeavor to work collaboratively to make decisions which foster the common good of both our neighborhood and that of the entire community; we ask that the actions of all neighborhood residents and organizations, governments, business and philanthropy be guided by the principles of equity, participation and accountability.

Adopted by Neighborhoods USA, May 16, 1992

Neighborhoods USA is a national non-profit organization providing support for neighborhoods and citizen groups like Long Grove Downtown Residents Group.


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